NEUMA, a music score digital library

NEUMA is a digital library that aims at publishing on-line rare corpora of music. We maintain and develop collections of scores with a clear and flexible organization based on interrelated corpus, so that users can easily browse, search and access them. NEUMA is also an open platform: as a user, you can get an account, create your own corpora and enrich them with new scores, annotate existing scores, and, overall, contribute to the collaborative effort of publishing beautiful but hardly accessible music works.

Thematic corpora

Consult our list of corpora, sub-corpora and attached collections. NEUMA hosts rare music collections, such as sequentia, a corpus of liturgic chants, many psalters from the European renaissance, the RISM catalagogue of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, etc. Consult the complete list of our corpora to discover more.

Searching NEUMA collections

Beyond the mere inspection of a Corpus extension, NEUMA supports an advanced search interface that lets you carry out cross-collections retrieval of scores, based on description, annotations, or content. As a registered user, you can contribute to NEUMA: select and annotate existing scores, join a contributor team, or create and manage your own corpus/corpora. Please sign in and contact the corpora administrator.

REST Services

NEUMA provides a REST interface that allow external application to manage their musical content (represented in symbolic format). Please look at the services description page for details on the REST interface. Two corpora of Ancient music currently rely on NEUMA services: Psautiers andSequentia.